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Dating back to the first century when glass was first invented, the Roman's were investigating the use of glass and how viewing objects through it, made the objects appear larger.Then, in the 13th Salvino D'Armate from Italy, made the first eye glass, providing the wearer with an element of magnification to one eye.Robert Hooke's detailed studies furthered study in the field of microbiology in England and advanced biological science as a whole. It is his most famous work and is notable for the stunning illustrations, drawn by Hooke himself.

The same dispute applies to who invented the microscope.

Compound microscopes feature two or more lenses, connected by a hollow cylinder (tube).

The top lens, the one people look through, is called the eyepiece. So today, when we say "microscope," we really mean "compound microscope".

The earliest simple forms of magnification were magnifying glasses, usually about 6x - 10x and were used for inspecting tiny insects such as fleas, hence these early magnifiers called "flea glasses".

Then, during the 1590's, two Dutch spectacle makers, Zacharias Jansen and his father Hans started experimenting with these lenses.Their first microscopes were more of a novelty than a scientific tool since maximum magnification was only around 9x and the images were somewhat blurry.